Where Can You Meet Chicks These days (and how-to actually do it)?

How to meet girls these days

“Where do you go to meet girls these days?”

Most of my friends are confused about this. The other day I was talking to a buddy who had just gotten out of a serious a relationship — a very serious one — the kind where you move in together. He was now living on his own and confused about what to do.

He wanted to get back in game. Actually, he was dying to get back in the game. Figuring out where to meet a girl is a tricky topic. Most of your buddies either suck at meeting girls or they get completely hammered and hope for the best.

Chances are that you don’t want to get completely ruined on a Monday night while trying to score a date.

Since I didn’t record the conversation, I wanted to do the next best thing and summarize it. I also share the top three tips for each source. This is the advice that I shared with a close friend so you better take it seriously.

Where can you meet girls these days?

Let’s look at the four best ways to meet a girl these days!

1. Tinder.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know what Tinder is and you have it on your phone. Every single dude needs to download this app ASAP. If you haven’t downloaded Tinder, what are you waiting for? This is the most addictive app on my phone and it beats playing any pointless game. You get to interact with chicks from your phone.

The best part is that you can test out thousands of different openers. Every new match is a new opener. So experiment and have some fun.

How do you meet chicks here?

The jury is still out on the proper Tinder technique and how to get laid the fastest. I believe that it’s all about your profile and your pictures. I try to post pictures of me doing cool things (wrestling, trips, etc.) so that the chick will actually want to talk to me.

Long story short is this: you have to find a way to stick out.

How will you stick out? I don’t know. I checked out College Humor to look at some of the weirdest Tinder profiles.

Funny Tinder Profiles

As you can see, Daniel is using humor. I personally have pictures of me with friends, fans from wrestling, and other scenarios. I tried to make my profile funny by writing, “Let’s get this straight, we met at the mall.”

You have to experiment when trying to meet chicks here. You have nothing to lose. So what if she unmatches you?

2. Facebook.

Every single person has Facebook. Actually, the last stat that I saw on this mentioned that Facebook has over 1 billion registered users. In other words, every single girl you’ve ever had a crush on or will have a crush on is on Facebook.

I use Facebook for business and dating. I use Facebook for everything. I don’t actively look for dates on Facebook, but it literally takes one second to message that young lady who has been liking all of your pictures to ask her out.

How do you meet chicks here?

Have a profile that makes you look like the most interesting man in the world. Seriously, this works.

I do lots of interesting things: BJJ, pro wrestling, write books, travel, party, and so on. I try to post pictures of me and my different friends. This makes me look fun. I also tag friends, joke around, and get everyone going. This makes it really easy to meet girls on Facebook.

For further reading check out this article on how to flirt with women on Facebook.

3. Out in public during the day.

The experts call this “day game.” I call it being a brute who doesn’t give a shit about what time it is because the girl of your dreams isn’t going to wait for the sun to go down to meet a young lad.

How do you meet chicks here?

  • Grow a set of balls and speak to people in real life.
  • Talk like an old man and ask questions.
  • Smile and make eye contact.
  • Stay busy. Go for walks, hit the mall, check out coffee shops, and make sure that you’re always up to something.
  • Keep it simple. Ask for a Facebook or number without being aggressive since it’s the middle of the day.

4. Club.

This should be your last resort. The good news and bad news is that every girl is drunk at a club. This could work to your advantage as social lubricant or you could end up with some belligerent fool who’s going to puke in your car.

Truthfully, there are millions of articles out there about meeting girls on clubs. You can analyze the angle you approach at, the way you smell, and the style in which you speak. None of it matters if you don’t have any charm.

How do you meet chicks here?

  • Have a few drinks without getting drunk.
  • Go out on random nights with just one buddy or two max.
  • Do whatever you want. Approach every single girl with a stupid line.
  • Meet a chick and chat her up all night.
  • Work your magic until she wants to leave with you.
  • Tease her. Make fun of her. Keep on smiling.

Where should you start meeting girls right now?

I would start with social media because you’re always on it.

What if these sources fail me?

[Must read: Why you’re not meeting any girls and how-to fix this.]

They’re going to fail you. Look at all of the competition out there.There are millions of horny guys out there. Every single person is on social media trying to get laid.

You can’t let the competition scare you. What you need to remember is that 99.9% of guys suck at meeting chicks. Think about it. You used to suck. Most of your buddies suck.

If you want to get laid more often and meet more girls in general, you need to contact me to see if we could work together. I’m here to serve you and help you meet more chicks than ever.

“The brave may not live forever – But the cautious do not live at all.” — Sir Richard Branson

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