How-to Stop Wasting Your Paychecks on Dating Right Now

“Experience is a school where a man learns what a big fool he has been.” — Josh Billings

I promise you that you won’t have to spend all of your money on dating. I can guarantee you that after reading this, you’ll be able to meet women without going broke. Your money should stay in your bank account so that you can spend it on fun stuff.

I don’t want to see you lose all of your money.

I used to spend so much money on dating. I would go out all of the time and spend so much money. It was barely affordable. I got nothing out of it (meaningful relationship or sex maybe).

I would do the following:

  • Buy expensive clothing.
  • Buy drinks for random girls that walked by.
  • Get myself drinks.
  • Spend money on food and transportation.
  • Deal with the aftermath (being all hungover the next day).

I already covered the economics of your love life. It’s time to offend some more people.

Are you sick and tired of spending all of your money on dating?

How do us guys waste way too much money on dating?

Guys are notorious for spending their paychecks on dating and trying to get laid. I already mentioned how I would spend my money on dating.

You have to pick up and accept the following tips from me. I learned this stuff the hard way.

What lessons took me way too long to learn?

  • Uniforms don’t win games! Stop buying expensive gear. A funny shirt for $7 goes further than a lame $100 shirt. Nobody will see your brand name until your naked anyways.
  • Expensive dinners for the first date are a horrible idea. Do yourself a favor and drop the restaurant from your first date arsenal. What are you going to talk about? It’s usually plain lame. Save yourself the money and the embarrassment.
  • Your money has no value in a bar. Nobody cares how much money you have in a bar. Are you entertaining? Are you fun? She is attracted to you? If someone isn’t attracted to you, then good luck. You might have to buy them 10 tequilla shots until they feel anything for you. I have friends that make good money and are willing to share this information with everyone. Guess what? Girls don’t give a crap because they need to be attracted to you first.

Don’t waste your money.

How can you stop wasting your paychecks on dating?

You’ll never ever be able to build wealth or plan for the future if you keep on stressing out about dating. I know that you don’t care about finances at the moment. You just want to get laid. I want you to have a great life though. To have a great life, you don’t want to be broke, living paycheck to paycheck, or in massive amounts of credit card debt.

How can you stop wasting all of your money on trying to get laid?

  1. Save your money by paying yourself. This is my top financial tip. Put some money aside first. Save it. Stash it away.
  2. Take care of your bills. Always have your bills paid. Don’t go out if you’re broke. Don’t buy crap that you can’t afford just to try to impress strangers.
  3. Never go into debt. Don’t bring your credit card. Take out cash and that’s it. Credit cards are dangerous at the bar.
  4. Never buy drinks for strangers. Please. Do NOT buy a stranger a drink. The only time you buy a drink for a girl is if it’s a friend, your girlfriend, or you’re about to have sex.
  5. Turn how broke you are into a joke. Laugh at your situation. Who gives a crap? Don’t feel bad if you’re broke. That’s nobody’s business.
  6. Have so much fun, that money is the last problem. When a girl is having fun with you, it doesn’t matter what your net worth is.

You get the point yet?

Some final thoughts on getting laid without going broke…

Uniforms don’t win games.

I’ll say it again just to reinforce this point. Nobody cares how expensive your jeans were. The only time anyone will see the brand name is when they see your pants on the floor — of their bedroom! Boom.

Do cool things. Lead a fun life.

Live an unreal life. Have fun. Do epic shit. Be someone that people want to meet. Be the kind of person that you would like to meet.

You won’t have to stress about impressing anyone with your finances. They’ll come to you.

For a more tips on surviving a night out without going broke, you need to check out my video/article on the finances of getting wasted. Another lesson that I learned the hard way (by hard, I mean spent lots of money to learn).

Chances are that you’re going to ignore everything I said in here and go broke on chasing love. I’m still here for you.

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