Rookie Mistakes We All Make When Learning How to Pick Up Girls

“She was stuck up!”

I proudly told my buddy this after I struck out with a young lady. Instead of taking the blame personally, I threw it all on her.

When we start going out to clubs to learn how to pick up girls we all make some serious rookie mistakes. That’s just how life works. When you’re not failing it’s because you’re not aiming high enough. You also need to fall on your ass so that you get a much needed humbling. The funny thing is that we don’t know when we’re making serious mistakes because well we don’t have anyone to point them out to us.

This is why you’re here. You need to see what you’re doing wrong when trying to pick up girls so that you can fix it.

Some of the classic rookie mistakes when it comes to learning how to pick up girls that you need to KILL right now include…

Scanning the room nervously.

Don’t scan the room like a nervous prick. When you walk into a room, you don’t need to look around.

The party comes to you.

You don’t need to stress out about trying to figure out where you’re going to stand. You also shouldn’t be scanning the room constantly during the night. Everyone at the bar will notice. Don’t look around too much and don’t scan. Just be cool and talk to those around you.

You’re out to have a blast. You don’t need to be looking around to see what everyone else is doing. Screw them.

Making excuses for not approaching.

There will always be more reasons why you can’t do something than why you can. This is exactly how it works with approaching women.

Some common excuses for not approaching are:

  • Worry because she’s with others.
  • The music is too loud.
  • You’re too sober.

Screw all of these excuses and make that damn approach.


What are you waiting for? When you stall you come off as insecure. A confident dude knows what he wants and doesn’t wait for it. Why are you waiting? There’s no need to stall. If you want to say hello then do it. If you want to make a move then start making out. Don’t stall. Just do it. You can live the consequences and rewards (0h yeah).

Not making a move.

You need to escalate.

If you don’t make a move when the girl you’re chatting with all night leans in, she might lose all respect for you. Make a move. Make any move. Give her a kiss. Start making out. Grab her ass. Don’t be afraid to make a move. If you don’t make a move you’ll never know what could have been. You’ll just know that you messed up.

Hovering around like an idiot.

Hovering around a chick will make you look like a complete pervert. Stop doing this. Either you’re chatting or you’re not. Don’t stand around her. That’s so lame.

Ignoring her friends.

All girls care about what their friends say. You need to engage her friends. Get everyone going. If there’s a dude in the group, you need to become his best friend. Talk to everyone. Make sure everyone has a blast. If you ignore the friend they’re going to talk shit about you and completely ruin any chance you might have had.

Worrying about what others are thinking.

Other dudes in the bar hate me sometimes. I do my best to be friendly because when you lead the men, the women will follow. The thing is that some dudes will prey on a chick all night. They’ll stand beside her or slowly try to sit beside her. They don’t have the balls to make a move until they chug a few more beers.

When you’re getting solid at approaching women you’re going to make some enemies. You can’t worry about what others are thinking. If you get turned down and they laugh, just brush it off. At least you had the balls to take a chance. If you approach a hottie and she’s down to chat they’ll be jealous. Ignore their negative energy and focus on being the player that you really are.

Are you making any of these rookie mistakes?

The funny thing is that we often don’t even realize we’re making these mistakes until we see a blog post like this one or we learn the hard way. The great news is that you now know what you shouldn’t be doing.

Are you going to avoid these mistakes on your journey to learning how to pick up girls?

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