Revealed: The Exact Lifestyle That Leads to Girls

“I go out almost every single night and I still can’t meet any girls. What gives?”

Does this sound like you? Are you fed up with always going out and never getting any results?

Too many of my friends are like this.

You want to know why?

Getting laid isn’t about going out every single night and hoping for the best. That’s like just showing up at the gym and hoping for the best without a real workout plan or strategy.

You’re not going to get jacked if you don’t put in the work where it matters (hitting your lifts, getting in enough protein, and rest). How could you expect to meet girls just by showing up?

The world isn’t fair. You don’t get rewarded for attendance. Girls don’t get excited about meeting that dude who happens to always be standing around at the bar.

What’s the exact lifestyle that leads to meeting unlimited amounts of women?

You have to look like the most interesting man in the world from the outside. You must have shit going on. You have to be the life of the party. Hell, you have to be the life of parties that you don’t even attend.

The guy who’s busy with hobbies, friends, sports, business, work, and life, is the one who meets girls. Not the dude sitting at home and dying to get drunk on a Wednesday night. The guy spending all day on Tinder isn’t more likely to get laid than the dude always on-the-go.

What are the characteristics of the ideal lifestyle?

  • Self-employed or with a flexible schedule so that you’re not always miserable.
  • Involved in sports so that you have things to do and places to invite girls.
  • Attend a gym with classes. This allows you to meet lots of people.
  • Booming social life. Always have plans and somewhere to be.
  • Family-based. Family always comes first.
  • Curious. This is the cure to boredom.
  • Into many different things. I do everything from salsa lessons to BJJ because I love to learn.

Do any of these match your current lifestyle? It’s okay. Change is easy.

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How do you get to this lifestyle?

Stop being a little bitch.

You need to stop going after drunk girls at bars. You need to stop waiting for something to happen. You ned to do one of the following:

  • Start your own business.
  • Try a new sport.
  • Quit a crappy job.
  • Stop hanging out with the same losers.
  • Move.
  • Step out of your comfort zone finally.

Are you ready to stop being such a little bitch?

Make the changes one day at time.

Don’t think that you can turn your whole life around in one hour or one day or even one week. This will take time. This might take weeks or months or year. That doesn’t matter. All that’s important here is that you commit to making changes today.

Never stress about meeting girls.

As counterintuitive as this is, you need to stop stressing! Girls will come. You’ll expose yourself to better situations for meeting girls. You’ll get laid. Don’t panic.

Watch the magic unfold.

It’s a different universe when you’re not desperate to you to meet girls every night. You might people naturally. You get set up by friends. It’s actually pretty magical.

If you only read one article on here, it better be this one.

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You better become the kind of dude that makes shit happens, makes friends, makes money, and has girls dying to meet up. Don’t ever be desperate to meet up with someone because that’s just pathetic and you’re not here to be another loser.

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