Why Reading Dating Advice Will Ruin Your Social Life

Reading dating advice will ruin your social life. Getting into the game and studying pick up literature on a daily basis will turn you into a mindless drone that has no friends and alienates himself from everyone. There’s nothing cool about that.

Time for a quick story…

It was a few months or even years since I had seen a family friend. My parents were away and I was having some friends over. I was 21 at the time and I was in my serious relationship. The friend showed up on the night that my girlfriend was coming out, so I couldn’t really do much. I warned him of this. He just wanted to go out. I was looking forward to seeing him.

Something was off that night though. He wasn’t the person I remembered him to be.

He was calling out my friends, being rude to my girlfriend, and annoying everyone. He tried to insult people for no reason. He wasn’t joking around. He wasn’t much fun at all. I wasn’t sure of what to make of this.

I ended up not seeing him for a few months. I sort of avoided him because I didn’t want to have to calm down my friends again about this guy that was insulting them for no reason.

I finally found out what happened to him. He read The Game and started studying dating material. He became such a fake person. He alienated himself and become totally unlikeable.

He eventually got back to normal when he realized he had nobody to hand around with.

Sadly, I’ve seen this happen to all sorts of friends that studied the game and tried to become “pick up artists.”

Why will reading dating/game sites ruin your social life?

I’ll try to limit my list here:

  • You become a mindless drone.
  • You’re not yourself.
  • You get weird.
  • Your focus is all on getting laid and not on having a good time.
  • You give unsolicited advice.
  • You can’t have fun with just jamming with friends.
  • You’re arrogant.

Oh and on a final note…

Please stop being mean to girls for the sake of being mean to girls!

I’m a jerk but I don’t go around actually insulting girls and offending them. That’s not cool. You might get into a fight. Stop trying to be a jerk for the sake of being a jerk. Teasing is okay. Calling someone fat out of the blue isn’t cool at all.

What should you do instead of reading dating advice?

Don’t get me wrong, I run a dating site. I obviously want you to be a fan of dating sites.

I want you to maybe once in a while check out a dating site to pick up a new belief, inspire yourself, or to vent your frustrations. You can’t be relying on them for your behavior 24/7.

[Check out The Stifler System for meeting girls.]

What should you be doing right now instead of reading dating sites 24/7?

  • Learn to be more social! Get out there and meet people. Become friendly and meet cool people everywhere you go.
  • Make lots of friends. Start making REAL friends. Don’t just look for “wings.” Meet normal people that aren’t into the game or that have normal lives. Add 100 new friends to your Facebook in one year.
  • Join a sport/new gym/activity. This will do wonders for your social life and your confidence. Competition is great for you. Join a gym, begin a new sport, or get into something that will keep you busy and focused.

The overall goal is to create an exciting life for yourself. Stop just reading dating material and going to the same bars.

If you have any questions, you can always contact me to chat one-on-one.

“Life is an exciting business, and most exciting when it is lived for others.” — Helen Keller

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