A Shocking Truth on Picking Up Girls That Will Set You Free

The sad thing about picking up girls is that there’s plenty of false information out there.

I’m sick of it.

This information just blindly gets repeated without many of us ever doing anything to stop. I’m here to stop it. I’m here to set you free with a shocking truth on attracting women.

There’s a shocking truth about picking up girls that you need to know. What is this?

Uniforms do not win games.

Too many dudes spend their paychecks on trying to buy the most expensive clothing. Screw that. You don’t need to blow your wad on your wardrobe.

You can spend your money on:

  • Trips.
  • Nights out.
  • Fun stuff.

You don’t need to spend your hard earned money on some ridiculously over-priced shirt. Life’s way too short for that (oh and I also run a personal finance site).

What if you don’t believe me?

All you need to do is look around you. We all have a buddy that spends all of his money to buy ridiculously expensive clothes. You know, the $200 shoes, $300 shades, $100 dress shirt, and the whole works.

Does this friend get more girls than you or does he just spend more money on clothes? That’s what I thought.

What’s the point of this article?

You need to stop spending all of your damn money on clothes thinking that it will help you learn how to attract women. This doesn’t work. You need to look good. You don’t need to spend a boat load of money to look good. It’s very easy for a man to look good without expensive clothing. Trust me.

We have it made as guys. We can get ready in two minutes and don’t need much to look our best.

Me and my friends go out of our way now to see who can spend the least amount on clothing.

We found a store that sells funny shirts for $7 and we see who can grab the funniest one. My friend bought this shirt, Almost Single, and let me tell you that this shirt generated more interested over the years than any $7o shirt ever could. This seven dollar shirt generated more conversation, interest, and buzz than I can even emphasize in an article.

Some of my personal fave funny shirts include:

  • You’re not my type.
  • Mr. Right Now.
  • I would like to apologize in advance for my behavior tonight.

The list goes on. The point is that creativity is much cooler than buying expensive clothes.

Why is this secret on picking up girls kept under wraps?


Because marketers understand that sex sells.

Actually, we all know that sex sells. This is why cologne commercials and clothing ads always show some dude with a 6-pack and some gorgeous chick. We then assume that’s how it works.

You know the classic formula:

Expensive cologne + even more expensive wardrobe + insane physique= instant hot chicks.

My friend, that formula is flawed. I know dudes that have no cologne, shitty clothes, and fat guts that get more girls than any of us ever could imagine.

The shocking reality is that you have to stop making excuses. It’s okay if you don’t have the best clothes or the most expensive budget. Nobody checks the label of your pants at a bar.

I hope that this information changes the way you view the world of attracting women. Get out there and own the night!

 I hope that this truth sets you free. Is there another shocking truth about picking up girls that you want to share?

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