How You Can Bring a Chick Home Next Time You Go Out

Do you want to know how to pick up women from the club to your home? Of course you do. Every guy wants to experience a one night stand at some point or another. If you didn’t care for this then you wouldn’t be on here reading. The reason you’re here is because you want to know how to pick up women from the club and bring them home to get freaky all night.

Let’s look at how you can score a one night stand with a cutie the next time you go out to hit the club.

Your opener.

The first piece of the interaction will either be your eye contact, other non-verbal communication and then your opener. You only have one chance to make a first impression so you better do your best to make it work. If not, you can always come back later, but you really don’t want to flop with the opener.

The best types of openers for girls at the club are:

  1. Casual. Play it cool and make an observation. You’re just a cool dude at the bar that’s talking because you’re social and talk to everyone. This is not a “pick up.” This is just your standard conversation.
  2. Opinion. There’s nothing more classic than the opinion opener. Every single girl in this world has an opinion on something. Why not get her opinion? This can be an opinion on anything. From her favorite 80s professional wrestler to favorite color of marshmallows.

Once you open the chick and she’s sticking around, you’re off to a great start. Let’s move on.

Neg then isolate her.

You need to poke fun at the chick and have a blast. Remember gentleman, interrogation is not seduction. Do NOT under any circumstances become “that guy” that asks like 1,001 questions. You’re not here to interrogate her. Let the convo flow smoothly. Don’t force anything.

Once you start chatting you need to neg her (or make fun of her). This pull casual jokes. If she’s wearing something odd, point it out. If she smiles too much, point it out. If she never smiles, point it out. You get my point. You need to have fun and make fun of her.

Then you need to grow a set and pull her aside. Get her alone so that you can show her that you ARE a true player and fun dude.

Switch locations.

It’s time to switch locations — and no not to your place just yet. It’s not going to be that easy Mr. Stud. Go somewhere else. Go for food. Hype up a restaurant as the best in town (coincidentally the place should be close to you). Get her out of the place that you’re at. It’s time for part two of this date.

Make up a fake story for her to come over.

No decent or respectable chick will ever come home with you to have sex right away. That’s just the way it is. Stop asking chicks to come over to fool around. You need to make up a fake story for her to come over. This may sound unethical, but it’s only because she’s programmed to say no.

Don’t sit too closely on the bed.

When you get back to your place you can’t smother her. That’s not going to work.

If you guys start to chill on the couch or bed you need to remember not to sit right beside her. Let her get comfortable. Don’t come on too strong and don’t scare her away.

You need to object first.

The girl’s job will always be to object first. If you object first, you’ll throw her whole game off. She won’t know how to react. She might end up trying to convince you to go for it.

Deal with last minute resistance.

Cuddle, talk, and repeat. There’s likely going to be tons of last minute resistance. This is just the natural reaction of any normal chick. They’re programmed to turned us down. Don’t take it personally. Learn to deal with it.

Start and stop. Push and pull. Never ever beg. And never under any circumstances try to force her into anything. I’ll personally come and kick your ass. Do you want to spend time behind bars? There’s always next time.

If you’re getting absolutely nowhere after tons of making out and trying your hardest, it’s time for an extreme freeze out. This means that you need to put your clothes back on, turn on your laptop, and start doing something totally non-sexual. This will show her that you don’t have time for games (and you don’t).

If she doesn’t go all the way with you on the first night, then no big deal. There’s always next time and at least you had another epic night!

That’s how you can pick up a girl at the club the next time you go out and bring her back to your place. Go out there and share your results with us!

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