How to Pick up Girls at The Beach

Every single guy goes to the beach to check out cuties. I’m willing to bet that less than 1% of these guys will even approach one girl at the beach. They’ll sit around and check them out without even saying hello.

We all want to approach those hotties on the beach. You know who I’m talking about. The girls on the beach that just love to tease us with their insanely revealing bikinis and butts that jiggle like crazy.

I’ll even admit that meeting girls at the beach is a struggle for even the best of us.

pick up girls at beach

What’s the best way to pick up girls at the beach? 

Set yourself up on the beach.

Don’t walk around trying to be cool. I don’t care how long you’ve been doing pushups for or how tight your diet has been. Walking around like you own the beach just isn’t going to work broski.

You need to setup your own spot on the beach if you want to wheel in the hotties.

What does it take to get a solid spot going on the beach?

  1. Get the tunes going. Blast some music and watch all the cuties join you guys.
  2. Have tons of brewskis. You need something to offer. Get the drinks going (if it’s legal on that beach).
  3. Have a blanket for everyone to sit on. You want the chicks to get comfortable and stay.

This will be your perimeter. Your zone. All the other dudes will know not to get into your zone. The hotties on the beach will want to enter the zone because who doesn’t want to join a party?

Have what every chick needs.

Grab the usual stuff that every chick on the beach is going to naturally need so that at the very least they stick around when they walk by.

What does every chick need on the beach?

  • Water. Got to stay cool.
  • Sunscreen. Duh!
  • Shade. Too much sun isn’t always good.

[Here’s a huge tip: Don’t try to put the sunscreen on her. You don’t want to pet. You want to get her number and have a much better time at a later point. Don’t be so desperate to touch her.]

You don’t need to have any of this stuff. It just helps when you’re on a crowded beach and there’s a million other dudes trying to get her attention. Of course, you can always use killer game to meet chicks on the beach.

Look into her bikini.

Many chicks at the beach are looking for attention.

You don’t want to be the 17th dude of the day to compliment that chick in the thong-like bikini. There’s a reason that she’s wearing it.

If she’s wearing a one piece then she’s clearly a bit self-conscious about her body and her appearance.

If she’s in board shorts then she might be some cool chick that came to play sports on the beach.

The bikini that a chick has on will tell you everything that you need to know about her personality.

Go for a swim.

Time to switch it up. If you find that you got nothing to say on the sad or you run out of topics it’s time to go for a swim. This won’t accomplish much but it’s a solid switch of scenery. Go for it.

Watch who you mix with at the beach.

Women are rarely alone at the beach or anywhere else for that matter. Your best bet is to grab a trio. There’s enough of them to be open to newcomers. Don’t bother the mixed sets, the joggers, or the chicks at a work-related event. Look for the chicks that are open for a fun summer day with some cool dudes.


What are you going to do now? Setup up that first meeting.

That’s how you can pick up girls at the beach. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a winter escape or just getting away for the weekend with some buddies. You want to create some legendary stories.

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