How-to Get Turned Down & Never Care About it Again

“You want to be afraid, really afraid, take a look at what your life will look like not if you try and fail, but if you keep on keeping on for decades. That’s the real nightmare scenario for most people.” — Jonathan Fields

“Look at me. Look at you.” – my classic line after getting rejected while intoxicated.  Hey, it happens.

There’s no modesty involved, but I sure enjoy getting the last word. And with that said, I probably look like the world’s biggest jerk.

I’m not that bad. I’ve learned to not let rejections get to me. It happens to all of us. Failure is permission to try again.

With that being said, let’s face the truth here:

Nobody wants to get turned down.

You prepare for it all week. You research pick up lines online. You look for strategies on how to approach women. You do your research.  You know how to approach. You know which angle to come in from. You have this all figured out. You’re ready to go in.

You enter the club. You scope out the scene. You find a good seat. You look around. You spot that cutie down the bar. She seems interested. You contemplate making your move. You plan out your strategy. Your friends hype you up. You’re ready to do it. You finally go. You approach.


It’s the end of the world. You go home. Your night is ruined. Your life sucks. You should never go out again. Why did you even try in the first place?


Don’t be soft. Who gives a shit if you get turned down? What’s the big fucking deal?

There are a million reasons why she could have turned you down. Here are a few in case you’re wondering:

  • She hates getting approached.
  • She doesn’t like meeting guys at clubs.
  • She has a boyfriend.
  • She’s stuck up.
  • She’s a bitch.
  • She just got fired.
  • She’s just there to chat with her friend.
  • She doesn’t like you.
  • Your approach sucked.

All of these reasons don’t mean anything. Who gives a shit?

Okay, once again, it’s easier said than done. Let’s try to put this all together here because every dude hates getting turned down. I’m sure The Rock would be sad if he got turned down.

How can you get over this fear of getting turned down?

You need to crash and burn.

Walk into the club, talk to some chick, get turned down, burn, and move on. You’ll learn that this isn’t so bad. What’s the big deal? You got turned down. So what?

I try to crash and burn as quickly as possible and as often as possible. I will ask a completely random girl for her number or if she wants to leave. Of course they usually say no. Guess what? It’s not so bad. That .0001% of the time where they say, you’re laughing.

It’s a part of life.

We all get rejected. We don’t always get the job that we want or the girl that we wanted that night. It’s not about how many times you fall, it’s how many times you stand up that matters.

Stop caring.

Accept that it’s nothing personal. You’re not a bad person. She’s not a horrible human being. There’s no need to throw out insults (even though I’ve done it).

You need to move on with your night. If you see the young lady later on in the night, I suggest that you joke around about it and have some fun. I’ve actually gotten numbers on like the 10th attempt. They just love that persistence.

And who doesn’t love a challenge/to be chased? I’m not saying to be desperate. You just have nothing to lose from trying again. She’s already turned you down! How bad could it be?

Pickup Challenge: Approach 3 chicks a day. That’s going to be 21 a week. 84 a month. After 84 approaches you’re likely to see every reaction out there. I believe in you. You had the balls to go online, find my site, and grab this manual.

Approaching a girl is going to be easy for you now. Getting rejected just makes it more fun if you asked me.

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