How to Get a Girls Number The Next Time You Go Out

Are you stuck on trying to get numbers?

 In this article we’re going to go over the simple process for those that are new to this world.

  • Are you tired of leaving the club with no numbers? 
  • Are you annoyed of being too nervous to to get a girls number?
  • Are you frustrated with seeing other dudes get numbers?
The good news is that we have ALL been there. The even better news is that you’re in the right place for the solution to this problem. I’m going to share what I learned in The Game many years ago and have managed to apply to my social life over the past 5 years or so.
Let’s look at how you get a girls number the next time you go out:

1. Smile.

You need to be smiling. Don’t go out if you’re pissed off. Stay home or go work out. Get your frustration out of your system. When you go out you better have a smile on your face. You’re out to own the night my friend. You’re not out to be sad and tell women about your problems.

Nobody cares so SMILE.

2. Use the three second rule.

Have you heard of the 3 second rule? It’s actually really simple and easy to apply. You just need to grow a set before you enter the club.

When you see a girl that you want to talk to, don’t think about it. Just say something. Give yourself three seconds to say something.

Say the first thing that comes to mind. Don’t just stand there, don’t stare and don’t watch her while she dances. You want to be the cool guy that  can get any girls number and not the creepy guy.

3. Open groups.

Truly attractive women will never travel alone. It’s just the way that life works.

You need to stop stressing and looking for that hot chick that’s alone. If you want to know how to get a girls number you need to be willing to open groups.

The beauty of opening a group is that you can go up to the guys and start shooting the breeze about sports or anything else that’s going on.

Remember that if you lead the men, the women will follow.

4. Neg the target.

Do you know who’s number you want to get? Find the girl that you want to pick up and start negging her (backwards compliment).

Have fun some and tease her. Don’t look like you’re overly excited about chatting with her.

5. Tell stories and become cooler.

You need to start telling some stories. Bring up some cool shit that you’ve been working on. Talk about your friends. Make up crap if you have it. You need to be telling stories that make you look cool so that the whole group is excited about you being there.

6. Isolate the friend.

After you’ve impressed the group, negged the target, and told lots of cool stories you should ask the group if you can talk to the friend. By this point everyone in the group should like you. They should have no trouble with you talking to the friend alone while all the other guys in the club stand against the wall.

7. Intrigue here.

Why should she keep on talking to you? Well because you’re a stud! On top of that you’re going to tell her lots of cool stories, right? Make yourself look like a celebrity. Tell those stories.

8. Qualify her.

Why should you even take her number down Make her prove that’s she’s cool enough to talk to you (even if you’re totally desperate you don’t want to show it). How can you qualify a girl? It’s simple. I’ll give you a few quick examples of funny lines:

  • Are you as much trouble as you look?
  • What makes you so cool?
  • Why should I pick you over the other girls here?

These may sound cocky. I’ll tell you this though. This beats being a stuttering prick.

You need to get the girl to qualify herself before you ask for her number.

These tips will work if you want to know how to get any girl.

You just need to watch out for who you go for. The art of seduction can often be a game of chance. Some girls are out looking for a one night stand, some just want to dance, some have a jealous boyfriend, while others are waiting for that guy to get her number. Don’t hold back. Now that you know how to get a girls number I hope that you apply this info to your life.

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