How to Leave a Lasting Experience Once You Get a Girls Number

Some of us have a nerve-wrecking experience trying to get a girls number. Then there are others that can get a girls number, but are completely nervous about the first phone call. For some reason, there’s this unexplainable phobia about the first phone call.

The dreaded first phone call. Most of us take the easy way out and text them the first time. Even worse, some of us will get a girl’s Facebook or Twitter. That’s so lame. It takes real balls for some reason to get a girls number and to then do something about it.

I’ve waited for hours before calling a girl, coming up with a million different excuses in my head. I’ve even chugged a drink to calm myself down.

Are you ready to figure out how to do something about the numbers that you get?

Are you ready to leave a lasting impression on that first phone call?

How can you get a girls number and actually do something about it? Here’s my simple process for making the best damn first phone call in the world:

Step 1: It’s all about how you get the number.

The way you get a girls number is really important. Some girls are just really drunk or some don’t care about who they give their number out. You can call them up with your best material and you won’t get much results because they were either drunk or gave their number out to like 7 other dudes over the weekend.

You need to watch how you get the number. I usually don’t recommend that you get the number until you guys have chatted for a while, she’s loving your company, and just begging to give you her number.

My three basic do-nots for getting a girls number are:

  • Don’t ask right away.
  • Don’t run away after you get the number.
  • Don’t ask, just pull your phone out and tell her she knows what to do.

My three basic to-dos for getting a girls number are:

  1. Wait until the time is right. I’ve waited until making out and sometimes even until after sex to get the number.
  2. Keep in touch right away. Don’t worry about any 3-day rules for making a phone call. That’s just BS. We live in the Twitter and Facebook era.
  3. Make it easy for her.

That’s how you go about getting the number of that cutie at the bar.

Step 2: You need to set the stage when you get a girls number.

When you do get the number you need to set the stage for the phone call. The way a girl feels on a Friday night in a club after a few vodka shots is much different than how she’s going to feel when she’s at work on a Monday afternoon. It’s really difficult to catch them in the same mood, unless you wait until the next time she’s out and drunk.

This is why you need to set the stage when you get the girls number.

You tell her that you’re different from all guys. Tell her that you’re only going to call once. Tell her that this one phone call is going to be very important to her. If she doesn’t answer then she loses ever having a chance with you.

Get her excited for this first phone call.

Step 3: Always save your name as something funny.

When you’re putting your name in the girls phone, you need to leave it as something funny. Your real name or your fake name “Steve” is just totally boring. You’re likely going to be guy #6 that’s saved as John or whatever your name is.

I usually save my phone number as something funny, such as:

  • Sex King.
  • The king of the club.
  • Hottest guy a met.

The girls usually answer the phone call howling in laughter when they see that name pop up on their phone.

Step 4: Make the phone call a blast.

Treat your first phone call like a show audition or some sort of performance. You need to be on. You need to have your biggest smile on. You should be ready to have a blast.

What do you talk about on the first phone when you get a girls number? Ask the basic questions and poke fun at her answers. Don’t interrogate her. Just casually ask the questions and make fun of her answers. Have a great laugh together.

Step 5: You need to setup the date.

The whole point of the first phone call is to setup your first date or first meeting. You’re a busy guy. You don’t have time to chat about nonsense for two hours and then go nowhere with it. At the end of the phone call, tell her that she better look cute for you on Saturday. When she asks what’s going on Saturday, you tell her that she’s going out with the most charming guy in the world.

It’s real that simple. Setup the first date on that first phone call.

This is how you can get a girls number and actually use it. What’s holding you back? Get those digits and be smart with them. This will quadruple your success in the dating world!

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