How You Can Finally Land a Girlfriend

Are you still looking for tips on how to get a girlfriend?

This is an article for the dudes out there that know how to get a girls number, know how to meet women, understand how to attract women, but just can’t find a girlfriend. It happens to all of us. We go through the phase where we learn how to pick up girls when we go out, we destroy our approach anxiety, and we become comfortable with meeting women. It gets easy.

Then one day we feel like something’s missing. We feel empty and no longer have the desire to get as many numbers as possible when we go out. We get to the point where went to find a girlfriend. Yes this happens to all of us. Even Stifler falls in love in American Wedding.

Before you look for tips on how to find a girlfriend…

You must realize what you’re doing and where you’re going.

Are you in a position where you can afford a girlfriend? Are you able to take care of yourself?

If you can’t hold down a job or if you’re struggling with the basics you must always remember that you need to take care of yourself first before you can go on the hunt for a girlfriend.

You also shouldn’t be looking to find a girlfriend so that you can feel better about yourself. As corny as this sounds, you need to love yourself first before you can love anyone else. You need to take care of your own shit first. Don’t go looking for a girlfriend as a solution to your problems.

Take care of your own life before you can make an impact on someone else’s life.

You won’t find a girlfriend when you’re looking for a girlfriend.

You know when you want to find something and you usually can’t? This is exactly how finding a girlfriend works. When you’re looking you’ll never find one. When you drop you guard and are having a good time, the lady of your dreams can and will enter.

Allow me to share how I met my most recent girlfriend. The summer of 2011 was just about to start. We (my friends and I) had grandiose plans to make this the best summer ever. We were going to meet so many girls, just like the summer of 2010. This didn’t happen. At the end of May I met a girl, we started to hang out, and long story short is that we spent most of the summer together. It just happened out of nowhere.

You never know when you’re going to find a girlfriend.

You need to apply the tips from here on how to meet women.

Before you find a girlfriend you’re going to have to learn how to get a girls number and how to pick up girls. Chances are that you’re already doing this since you’re reading this article.

The only problem is that many of us stop going out when we want to find a girlfriend.

Here’s a shocking revelation about finding a girlfriend when you go out…

Females that are “girlfriend-material” go out all of the time.

These females are out and about. Don’t think that you need to go to the library or hover around coffee shops all day to find someone that’s worth dating. Attractive, smart, powerful, and intelligent females go out all of the time. They’re either convinced to go out by their friends or are just looking to hang out after a busy week.

What’s the summary for how you can find a girlfriend?

  1. Keep on going out. Don’t stop going out. You never know when you’re going to meet “the one.”
  2. Meet as many women as you can.  You don’t need to be a pig. There’s nothing wrong with meeting new people.
  3. You’ll know when you meet the right one. You’ll know when you find the girl of your dreams. Trust me.

Hopefully you apply these tips on how to find a girlfriend and you end up with the woman of your dreams.

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