I Got A Girl’s Number. How Do I Get Laid Now?

“I got this girl’s number last night. What the hell do I do next?”

One of my students asked me this. If you didn’t know better, you would’ve thought that he was just accepted to Harvard Law School or had won he lottery as he shared this news with me.

He was on a bad streak of misery. He finally snapped out of it and got a number. It took him a while to actually get out and be social. He was in a funk where he even refused to go out. He just wasn’t feeling it. I had to help him boost his confidence to even leave the house.

Long story short: he managed to score a girl’s number and wasn’t sure about what to do next.

Luckily, he came to the right person!

What you need to know about getting a girls number (emergency)!

This is emergency information that you need to remember for the rest of your life.

First thing, you should always get a few numbers and have many girls to contact. One number just isn’t enough. I applaud you for getting this number, but you need more next time. You need to get on Tinder or any other online dating site, and collect numbers. You need a bunch of numbers. You can’t hold your hopes out for one number to be the one.

Second of all, you should only text or call to make plans, not to engage in trivial small talk. Don’t start chatting about the meaning of life or useless stuff. You’re fairly new to this. You don’t want to lose out and mess up. Keep it simple! Text with a purpose. You don’t care how her day is going. You care about meeting up.

Finally, geting a number might mean that you’re getting laid or that she’s never EVER going to speak to you again.

Seriously, some girls will make out with you all night and then not respond to a text. Other girls will respond and be down to meet up ASAP. Some girls will save your number and contact you on a lonely night. Some girls just give their number out to every single dude because they just don’t care. There’s no formula here. Getting a number can mean everything or nothing at all.

Summary: get lots of numbers, only communicate to make plans, and understand that anything can happen with this number.

What do you do next with the number?

You make plans to meet up because you’re a guy that bangs girls. You don’t get friend-zoned. You don’t text about hobbies or useless stuff. You meet up. You try to seal the deal.

You have two options with this phone number:

  • Shoot off a few texts.
  • Go straight for the phone call.

Whenever I get a girls number, I do a few quick things that improve your chances of getting laid by 97%. What are they?

  1. Call right away and save your number on their phone with a cool nickname. I usually save myself as SexGod.
  2. Text with something cool, like, “Hey, it’s me, I have a feeling that you’re busy like me, so just wanted to quickly give you my name to save my number in your phone.”
  3. Hype up the communication. I get the girl excited. I tell them that I’m going to call and I expect some solid conversation on this call. Build it up.

There’s one thing I wanted to stress: make a phone call!

Nobody calls these days. This is why it’s an amazing tactic to actually pick up your balls and call someone up. It’s amusing to even see my own reaction when I see a new name on the caller ID.

Can you imagine what a girl thinks? No guy ever calls. I love calling girls. It throws them off. They don’t get the chance to analyze the text or to ignore my messages. They have to speak to you one-on-one.

One time after the club, we forced a buddy to call this girl he met a few days prior. He calls her and asks her if she wants to watch a movie. Turns out, she was bored, and at 2am thought that a movie would be a great idea. The phone call worked. The funny thing is that she rarely responded to his texts or took forever to respond only because so many of us have poor text etiquette these days. She couldn’t ignore the conversation on the phone or ask her friends for what to say next.

I repeat, the only purpose of communicating with this new number is to make plans. You don’t need another text buddy. You can text your buddy if you want to tell someone about your day.

You can imagine what’s next. The first meeting!

How do you plan the first meeting and make it happen?

Whatever you do, don’t you dare think about planning dinner. Dinner is for your buddies or your long-term girlfriend. Never go for dinner. You’re just going to sit there awkwardly and look at each other. Dinner is horrible. Avoid this at all costs. Even if you agree to dinner, turn it into ice cream or coffee. How the hell are you supposed to make a move at the table? What are you going to talk about?

So how do you plan the first meeting? First, you never ask. You tell. You make it sound cool and you hype it.

  • “I just finished a killer workout. I need to look good for tomorrow night.”
  • “You better dress pretty on Monday.”
  • “Let’s wear matching outfits.”
  • “You’re going to love this place I discovered.”
  • “I need help buying a new lamp. Free up your schedule tomorrow.”

Anything along those lines will work. Have fun with it.

These are my rules for making the first meeting happen…

You find the right day.

The first meet should never be on a Friday or Saturday. Any decent girl will have plans with her friends. Sundays are easy because most people want to go for a quick drink or hang out after a fun weekend.

Pick the right time.

Do you want to get laid or are you looking for a friend?

You need to go for drinks! You need to make it around 10pm so that she know who she’s dealing with.

If she’s busy or doesn’t want to drink, then that’s all good. Go for coffee or bring her shopping with you.

Have some stories ready.

Have some quick stories to share. Don’t show up with nothing to talk about like a mindless drone.

It also helps if these stories lend themselves to debate. I usually tell a quick story of a buddy who traveled to visit a girl he fell in love with online, only to be left with a broken heart. This triggers all sorts of emotion.

Try to be late/don’t beg to see her.

You’re not desperate. You’re just a cool dude looking to make plans and hang out. You should also show up a bit late so that you don’t look desperate.

Make fun of her.

Tease her about every single answer. Joke around. Have fun. Be playful. She’s going to think that you guys have great chemistry because you’re not worshipping the ground that she walks on like every other dude.

ABC (Always Be Closing).

One girl that I’m seeing at the moment is a shocker because I never thought we would even see each other again. The first date was a disaster. I moved too fast. I thought it was done for sure. Then boom. She called me when she was ready. Always go for the move. Make the first kiss happen ASAP.

Last tip — be prepared to break every single damn rule in the book!

I brought a girl over to sing songs with my cousin and I. Then we went downstairs and it was on. I once had a girl take a cab during a snow storm and we sang songs until it was time to fool around.

You get the point. Be ready to break every single rule. As you get better, you’ll do whatever you want because you just don’t care.

How do you get laid off this first date?

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There’s no easy way to write this.

You have to make a move. You have to go for the kiss and take it from there. Every girl is different. Some girls just want a quick hookup and get upset when the guy is too timid.

Even if she has no interest in fooling around that night, she’s going to respect you for making a move. You both know why you’re there.

VERY CRITICAL… Do NOT ever force anyone to do anything. Go for the kiss and that’s it. If you have chemistry and she’s interested, things will escalate. If you’re a weirdo or she’s not in the mood, back off.

That’s how you go from getting the number to getting laid. Good luck to you. Try not to break too many hearts.

“The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all.” – Richard Branson

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