Insanely Awesome Hacks to Help You Master Dating.

“She looked like the kind of woman I could fall in love with. Trouble is, she was standing next to the kind of woman I’d like to make love to.
” ― Jarod Kintz

Nobody is perfect. We all have flaws. We all struggle with life. We all have moments where we feel like giving up. That’s normal. There’s actually a secret way out of this trap.

I believe in using systems or hacks to work against yourself and to help you.

So I believe in using “hacks” to help you out like 24/7.

One of my hacks is to write 1,000 words per day before I go to bed. That’s mandatory. I can’t not do this. I have to write before I go to bed. This helps me with my business.

For the gym, I enrolled in classes for MMA-related training. Sure, I could hit the bags on my own and do my own thing. But what are the odds that I would stick to it? Zero. I signed up for classes. What happened? I made friends and was forced into accountability. To this day I can’t miss a class for no reason. I know that I’m going to get harassed on Twitter, Facebook, text message, phone call, and possible on the radio!

Let’s look at an extreme hack…

Have you heard of Hernan Cortes? When he arrived in Veracruz he ordered his crew to burn the ships!

Why? So that he could prevent his men from turning back from the battle due to fear. They would either conquer their enemy and take their boats – or they would lose and have nothing.

You don’t have to burn your car outside of the club! Don’t get that excited yet.

There are a few hacks that I used when I was starting out and still to do to this day to ensure that I don’t waste my time when I go out.

Give your friend money.

You want to get paid to approach girls? This is your one chance.

I can’t remember where I read this one. The goal is to hit up the bank machine before you go out, pull out like $100 and tell your friend (someone you better trust) to hold on to it. Then every single time you approach he gives you back $20 or whatever amount you agreed on.

This is your money. The only way that you’ll get it back is if you approach girls all night. No other way. If you decide to be a little bitch (you won’t), guess what? You won’t get your money back!

What’s the point of this? You want your fucking money back!

As silly as this sounds, it works. After a few nights of this, approaching becomes a habit. And guess what? Approaching is often like 90% of the battle. Get out there. Meet her. Pick on her. Joke around. Boom. Your nights off to a fantastic start. No feeling sorry for yourself in the corner.

Set a low quota for results.

“We are all going to get laid tonight. It’s going to be wild”

One of my friends always says this. He sets the bar so damn high for a damn trip to the coffee shop. I’m all about hyperbole and having fun, but man, you have got to be realistic with your expectations.

Trying to get laid every single night is like saying that you’re never going to eat junk food again. It’s not going to happen. Why set yourself up for failure and disappointment?

You don’t have to expect to get laid and you actually shouldn’t. Girls can tell.

I believe in low quotas to trick your mind.

Tell yourself that all you want is a smile or a quick conversation. Don’t expect sex or a number. Now, you should obviously try to take both if available. The trick however is to hope for the least. Set the bar low and enjoy yourself.

When the bar is set low, it’s easy to hit it. It’s all about getting started. It’s pretty damn near impossible to build momentum when your goal is to get laid every time you go out.

And guess what? The toughest part is making that first approach and getting into the groove of things. The rest is easy. Once you have chicks listening to everything you have to say, you’re no longer afraid of approaching or rejection. You’re owning the night and nobody is safe.

If you’re expecting sex every single night, you’re just too attached to the outcome. It’s a turn-off. Everyone can tell. We all have that super-horny friend. Nobody wants that. Everyone wants what they can’t have.

Let’s crush through a few more tips to help you master the dating world.

• Never meet her friends/family before sex.
• Build comfort. Let her meet your friends and see your place.
• Never seem desperate.
• Always push away.

Those are the most powerful hacks to help you out when getting started. You’re not expected to be perfect. Just implement these systems slowly and you’ll never feel sorry for yourself again. I also promise you that you’ll show some lucky young lady one hell of a great time.

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