Getting Wasted : Does it Help You or Hurt You?

I’m torn about this next section. If you know me in real life, you know that I really enjoy my drinks. I started off in this whole messed up underground society by going out for drinks (lots of them) and attempting to romance young ladies. Perhaps breaking a few hundred hears in the process!

Okay, I won’t get carried away here. For all I know, they remember me as a drunken fool.

So here’s the deal on drinking when you go out:

Alcohol is the best tool possible for nervous dudes. There’s no way to sugarcoat this. When you’re nervous, it’s easy to just drink and build up some liquid courage.

Should you go out sober? My theory is simple.

Drinking is something you do for fun. If it’s a buddy’s birthday, there’s nothing wrong with having some drinks and a great night out. However, you can’t rely on booze for every single night that you head out.

If you want to game during the week, you have simply got to figure out how to do it sober.

Write that down. Remember it. Accept it. Learn to live with it.

It’s just not sustainable to go out drunk every single night. Why? Um.. The money and the damn hangover. We waste too much time and money on hangovers. It’s such a waste.

Trust me, it sucks being hungover on a random Thursday or any other weekday.

It takes a toll on your wallet too. It’s not cheap. Especially as your tolerance builds. You can spend a hundred bucks easily on a night out. You start drinking, you feel generous, and then you get hungry. The night just goes on and on.

How do you get good at going out sober?

The obvious answer is that you just do it. You just go out and do it. You approach. Don’t think about it.

To be honest though, we all stress about going sober. It’s such a different feeling. The first time I did it, I didn’t know what to think. It was odd. I had been there before, but I couldn’t really remember much. Every other time I was wasted out of my mind and flopping all over the place.

You have to remember that everyone is wasted. Most people at clubs are wasted and don’t care or won’t remember what happened. It’s sad, but true.

Stop worrying about what drunk people have to say. It really doesn’t matter.

I realize that it’s said than done. You just have to keep on going out. I promise you that you will get better.

I don’t want to see you become fat and broke because you drank too much.

The best approach is to set a challenge for yourself. In March of 2013 I made it a goal to not have a sip of alcohol for the whole month and to still go out constantly.

I ended up going out 3-5 times a week dead sober. Here’s what I picked up that I have to share with you:

• The first few minutes are tough. You’re cold and serious. You just have to warm up and get in the mood. Chug lots of water.
• Being hungover sucks. Seriously. I love waking up on top of the world.
• Girls respect you for being sober. While every dude can barely stand, you’re calm and collected.
• You just have to approach. Don’t blame your sobriety on a boring night. There’s only boring people, not boring nights.

I had a blast that month. As of this very moment, I’m on a three month no booze streak. I promise you that it gets better and easier.

And please, do keep on drinking for special occasions or whenever you want to have an epic night with your friends. Just don’t rely on it.

Ditch the hangover, approach sober and feel amazing the next day.

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