How-to Get in the Zone & Never Lose Friends Again!


This is one area of the pickup community that I really wanted to address.

Die hard evangelists of pick up material can be robots.

We’ve all met that dude who goes out with a script and memorized lines. We all also likely didn’t get along with this guy because he creeped out all of the girls! Thanks for nothing.

I hate systematic approaches and robotic phrases. I’ve gone out with dudes that look like they’re reading a script.

How fun is that? It’s not fun for you and it’s not fun for the girls either. Nobody likes a robot. Nobody has fun being a robot.

From now on, you’re never allowed to be a robot.

Going out isn’t the same as writing an exam, you don’t have to study or memorize anything. After I’m done with you, you’re going to be on 24/7. There won’t be an off switch.

But wait — What if I’m lost?

I get that. I feel for you and am here for you.

I want to give you a guideline. I want to pump you up. I want you to be the life of the party. I don’t want you to memorize a script or to get nervous. When I do throw lines in here it’s simply a backup plan/testing field. I want to give you a general framework, nothing more.

Why do I hate scripts?

In real life shit happens and nothing ever goes according to plan on a night out. Hey, I’ve even showed up at a girlfriend’s house and been denied sex due to a fight or them not being in the mood (usually something stupid that I did).

The music can be really loud, the dudes around you can be super obnoxious, or the girl may have already heard that routine before.

And scripts also SUCK!

You need to ditch the scripts.

Lines, stories and starters are just a framework. These are like your toolbox. They’re like your Google search engine. When you’re stuck in a situation you pull these out to rescue you.

[Key point: Always be interesting and have tons of stories ready to go. Do fun stuff on a daily basis so that you’ll never run out of stories.]

With that being said…

How do you get in the zone then without losing friends?

[Mandatory read: How you can never care again about getting turned down!]

Do you ever have one of those nights where you go out and it feels like you’re the coolest guy in the whole place? Every girl you meet wants to makeout with you. The bouncer lets you in for free. A random guy buys you a drink.

Aren’t those the best?

What about those nights where you go out and you feel like the biggest loser in the world?

You know, those nights where you have a drink or two, but you’re just not feeling it. It happens to all of us. As those shitty nights are progressing, we keep on praying to get “into state.”

This leads us to the key topic here…

The state (the zone as I call it).

I personally used to always get into the state after getting laid. If I had sex that week or even that day I would be running on a natural high for the next little while.

Then when I went a week or two without some action, I would become a miserable prick. I would go to the club and not feel like talking to anyone. When I talked I would come off as the most needy dude in the world. Nobody wants a needy dude.

I want you to get into the zone. This beats every single script and memorized line on the planet.

What’s the zone?

You’re just on. You own the room and everything in it.

I can’t explain it. Nothing can go wrong. You can take on the world. You feel on top of the world. You’re the man in this moment. You’re ready for anything and everything.

I get in the zone at bars, before a pro wrestling match, at a grappling match, at the gym, during an exam, or when I’m public speaking.

How do you get in the zone on a consistent basis?

I’ll break this down. First I’ll share my overall framework. Then I’ll point some quick tips that you can apply right now!

What’s the overall framework for getting in the zone and not being a robot?

1. Crash and burn.

Go up to the hottest girl in the club and ask for her number.

She’s going to likely say (bonus if she says yes). You’ll experience your first rejection of the night and you’re off to the races!

Get over the feeling of rejection. Who cares?

It’s not like you’re getting turn down to the grad school of your dreams.

Some stuck up broad that makes minimum wage and spends all of her money on makeup was a bitch to you. So what? Seriously.

If this worries you, then please press the close button and just stop.

You have balls. Counteract her with your own rejection. Tell her that she’s not your type anyways. Who the hell does she think she is? You don’t need to talk to her. You’re just a cool dude that talks to everyone.

If she gives you attitude give her more. Tell her to walk away. Make sure that other girls see this. Rejection is powerful. Rejecting the hottest girls in the club will put you on a pedestal.

2. Forget the outcome.

Once you get to the point where Sunday morning is not impacted by Saturday night, you’ll stop stressing about the outcome. You need to stop being so outcome oriented. All you’re doing is creating unnecessary stress for yourself.

You’re not going out to get laid. You’re going out to have a good time and to improve your skillset brother. That’s all. You can’t read a pick up article and think that you’re going to score every girl that night.

If you go out expecting and dying to get laid, everyone will notice. The bouncers will want to kick your sorry ass out because you’ll look like the biggest loser.

What are some quick pointers to get in the zone before you go out tonight (or today)?

  • Do a quick workout.
  • Eat well.
  • Don’t get too hammered.
  • Wear a new shirt.
  • Wear a funny shirt.
  • Get a cool piercing.
  • Bring a prop.
  • Take a cold shower.
  • Start taking vitamin D.
  • Watch standup comedy before you go out.

Next we will look at how you can own the night every single time. It’s possible to meet a girl every single time you go out. You’re going to get there.

“The comfort zone is the great enemy to creativity; moving beyond it necessitates intuition, which in turn configures new perspectives and conquers fears.” — Dan Stevens

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