How You Can Find an Endless Supply of New Wingman (and never stop meeting new chicks)

“I might just go out alone tonight.”

My cousin told me this once. While I applauded his efforts, I wasn’t too optimistic about this idea.

He was living in a small town and he had fully immersed himself in the game that summer. He was slowly getting better, he just needed some better dudes to go out with. He also couldn’t come to visit me in Toronto too often because it got expensive. So he figured that he would do something low key in his small town.

How did it go?

Well, not good. Nothing happened.

Let’s be perfectly honest for one second, nobody wants to go out alone on the town!

I don’t mind going on a solo trip because I know I’m going to stay at a hostel where there’s tons of cool travellers dying to hit the town.In town, it’s just plain weird most of the time to go out by yourself.

Gaming alone is possible. Going out with boring friends and getting laid is also possible.

However, there’s nothing like finding a solid wing (or ideally a team of wings) and going out all of the time together to have a blast.

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What’s the number one tip for finding an endless supply of new wingman?

Be someone you want to be around.

You ever meet someone and you instantly feel a connection with them?

You want this person to always be around. You text them when going out. You add them to Facebook ASAP. You always ask about this person. You get excited when you see them.

I want you to become one of these people. I want you to own the room. I want people to call out your name when they see you in the distance. I want you to be normal and have lots of friends.

You know why? Because nobody ever erected a statue for a little bitch. You’re not a little bitch. You grab life by the balls. You make friends and meet people.

How do you become the person that everyone wants to be around?

This is where things get tricky. Being into “game” and “self-help” naturally puts you in a different category.

First thing, don’t tell people about “the game” right off the bat. I hate to break it to you, but it’s not common for someone to be into studying the details of courting ladies. Most dudes just drink and go out. They don’t think about their actions.

Second of all, don’t make picking up girls your number one priority. Let your friends know that you just want to go out and have fun. Everyone wants to go out.

How do you become someone that attracts a team of wings?

  • Care about others.
  • Always be in a good mood.
  • Create little inside jokes with everyone.
  • Be good at communicating and staying in touch.
  • Don’t judge.
  • Introduce your new friends to chicks. Every dude wants to meet chicks.
  • Don’t complain. Nobody wants to be around a whiner.
  • Talk to every single girl. I get invited to parties just because my friends now I’m going to spark a conversation with every single girl I run into.
  • Dress well. Nobody wants to go out with a bum!
  • Have lots of jokes and stories to tell.

Follow these tips and you’ll never run out of friends to go out with.

I’ll be brutally honest: you might even get tired of always having your phone go off the hook on the weekends. I’m at the point now where I dread responding to all of the messages on a Saturday night. There are nights where I just want to be left alone.

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