The Best Place to Pick Up Girls That’s Not a Night Club

The best part of meeting women is trying to find out where to go.

When you’re first getting started with meeting women the most obvious question is going to be:

Where’s the best place to pick up girls? 

The first and most logical option is going to be night clubs, right?

As the title suggests, this post won’t be discussing picking up girls in night clubs.

Sorry. We all feel that going to clubs is the best way to meet girls. While this may be true sometimes, it’s not always the case. Even though I’ve had plenty of luck with hitting up clubs a few times during the week, the reality is that it’s not always possible to get out. You also won’t always have the money, patience, or be in the mood to actually go to a night club to meet girls.

What are you supposed to do if you don’t feel like clubbing on a random night?

What if you get tired of the clubbing scene?

What’s the best place to pick up girls that’s not a night club?

It’s only getting easier and easier to meet women online or through dating apps.

I actually read a stat while doing research for this post that 25% of relationships these days start online. I couldn’t get more detailed information and if I did the results would likely be skewed because most couples wouldn’t admit to meeting online.

[Note: you may laugh at this post if you read it many years after it was written because I have a feeling that people will only meet online.]

I can tell you that I have two close friends that are convinced that the Internet is the best place to pick up girls.

One of these guys actually ended up hooking up with a dozen women before ending up with his current long term girlfriend. The other dude is still looking for true love while hooking up with complete strangers for intimate encounters. Well all have different goals.

A third friend that just got married this past September met his wife on Facebook through some speed dating application. So yes meeting women online has easily become more popular than night clubs. Especially in our society where we work such long hours and have very busy schedules. It also makes sense to use this device that we spend all of our time on to meet someone.

Since the Internet is a great place to pick up girls, how do you actually do it?

According to Doc Love of Ask Men, the best approach for meeting women online happens to be to make a funny profile. As an example,

“I’m looking for a Self-Reliant, Flexible Giver who will laugh at my corny jokes. Let’s meet at Starbucks and see if I can make you giggle.”

We’ll go into more detail in a further post. All I will say is that the beauty of meeting women online is that you can test out different approaches until you see what works for you. This is amazing because you can totally tweak your approach. Of course, there’s a huge post coming up on this topic.

Let’s end off with a quote.

“Nothing defines humans better than their willingness to do irrational things in the pursuit of phenomenally unlikely payoffs. This is the principle behind lotteries, dating and religion.” – Scott Adams

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