What Happens After You Get Laid and Get Bored of the Game?

“Aren’t you tired of just trying to meet girls?”

I get asked this all of the time from friends that are happy (or trapped) in their relationships.

You see, this lifestyle isn’t for everyone. There are three types of guys when it comes to this underground society.

  1. Love seekers. These are the guys who are looking for love. They only want to bang girls and go out to find love. The second a girl gives them any attention, they’re gone! You’ll never hear from them again. Then the girl leaves them and the cycle repeats. These guys can line up and kiss my ass.
  2. Losers. Losers are losers. These guys give it a half-assed try and fail miserably. Then they give up. Who cares. I don’t even want to give them any attention here.
  3. The entrenched. This is where I fall. The hardcores. It doesn’t matter if we’re in love or content, we will always be entrenched with this lifestyle in one way or another. We won’t always be at the same stage, but the desire to go out will always be there. Abundance can become an obstacle if you let it.

The thing is that those entrenched eventually get to the next level.

The next level is about what happens once you become pretty consistent with meeting chicks. This is what happens when you have few issues. You’re not afraid of approaching during the day, going on trips alone, meeting new friends, or finding beautiful girls to bang.

Don’t read this if you’re still trying to lose your virginity or are struggling with even getting a kiss. This is some advanced stuff that you won’t be able to relate to unless you’re at this stage.

The game isn’t limited to banging chicks. The game is all about improving yourself and creating the best possible lifestyle for yourself.

Different levels of the game here are:

  • Become a cool person.
  • Make lots of new friends.
  • Pick up better chicks.
  • Find someone you love.
  • Have options in life (applies to business as well).
  • Be the most interesting man in the world.

There might even be more that I’m not experienced enough to comment on. I’m still in my 20s and have ton of learning to do, so I can’t even fully answer this.

This leads to the next level…

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What happens when you get tired of just meeting girls and want more?

Find tons of hobbies and constantly pick up new skills.

“You’re doing what?”

I get asked this often because I’m always up to something new. In the last year, I’ve traveled to two conferences alone, went to Argenetina on a solo trip, entered grappling tournaments, started pro wrestling in front of hundreds of people, and began salsa lessons.

All of these hobbies and new skills have kept me busy. I always have something to do. I’m never bored. I’ve found the cure for boredom.

The best part? I’m always meeting new people. I was at a bar two days after salsa class and I ran into a dude from class. We started talking and he told me he was there with a bunch of female friends. I asked him for the introduction and just like that I knew a whole bunch of people at the bar.

The whole goal here is to kill boredom and never feel lonely again. At the end of the day, too many of us are bored and lonely. You know the signs of boredom and loneliness:

  • Hours spent on Facebook scrolling through profiles.
  • Drinking for no reason.
  • Creating pointless tasks to kill time.

I’ve gone months without social media or drinking just because I was having so much damn fun.

Find hobbies and you’ll never get bored or tired of this lifestyle.

Get into a relationship.

There’s nothing wrong with dating. In fact, this could be what you need. Every relationship I got into came at the right time.

Plus, there’s nothing like amazing sex on a consistent basis. How could you turn this down?

You might just need a sabbatical from the night life scene. You never know where this relationship will take you. Enjoy the ride and keep your options open.

Go after the hottest girls you can.

Most guys get into the habit of picking up decent girls and they’re cool with this. They likely settle with the first girl they sort of like. They don’t think much about this. It all just sort of happens.

That’s pathetic. Settling is lame.

I’ve seen this happen so many times that I can’t just recall one story. This always happens. Guy gets decent at meeting girls. Guy screws a few girls. One chick sticks around. Guy disappears off the face of the Earth.

I want you to avoid this trap.

How? Go after the hottest girls possible you coward!

Seriously. Go after the girls that make you say, “fuck yah!!!” Don’t go after the easy sure shots. That’s just lame.

How do you move on to an even higher level?

You become The Rock!

I really don’t know. I’m not there yet. I might get there one day. I’ll keep you posted. I just want you to avoid boredom and mediocrity. That’s no way to live life.

“The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all.” – Richard Branson

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